RayCoin Global

Raycoin Global is a decentralized financial cryptocurrency that enables and supports investors in lending and staking crypto assets without the use of a middleman.

3% Auto Liquidity

On every transaction (Buy or sell) 3% liquidity will be automatically added to the liquidity pool

3% Redistribution

To reward the holders, a 3% distribution fee will be applied on every transaction (buy or sell)

1% Space Reward

About 1% space funds will be added to reward pool on every transaction (buy or sell) to select one lucky holder on daily basis.

What is Ray Coin?

The universe of Cryptocurrency provides a basis for new decentralized and creative systems which will solve some of the world’s main challenges. The ray coin team aspires to lead the ecosystem and help link the potential of crypto with the difficulties of today’s decentralised financial system. SpiritSwap is the cryptocurrency marketplace of Fantom Opera Mainnet, where buyers and sellers may trade based on long-term speculative opinions on value. Ray coin is built on Fantom network (FRC20).


We are committed to enabling individuals and businesses to work more efficiently, effectively and without borders. Our global vision is a world of shared prosperity, where all people can thrive economically, no matter where they come from or who they are.



We are on a mission to improve the lives of everyone, especially those in less fortunate economic situations. We focus our efforts on reducing global poverty by utilizing the modern technology of digital currency and deploying it in a transaction method without borders.

Ok. Let’s talk about The Mechanics.🧑‍🔧


Once a year RAY COIN will be permanently removed from circulation. Burning is a straightforward procedure. Token burning is the purposeful action done by the creators to remove a specific amount of tokens from circulation.

   3,299,999.67  <1% burnt FOREVER at Coins launch!



An automated liquidity pool is one of the RAY COIN protocol’s components. There are two purposes for liquidity pools. They can, for example, protect a cryptocurrency’s value during a selloff. Second, they have sufficient cash on hand to ensure that tokens traded on decentralized exchanges are readily available to buyers. The COINS are locked in the pool, ensuring liquidity and setting a price floor. For at least a year, RAY has pledged to keeping its liquidity on DX. There will be no rug pulls because this can’t be changed.

Core Values


We have the ability to remain results-oriented at all times. By establishing an open financial system, our plan will increase global innovation and efficiency.

Equal opportunities

An open environment that values variety while focusing on skills and abilities. We stand for accountability and self-determination. We encourage others around us to pursue their


We aspire for a borderless environment free of governmental constraints, making transactions more practical and efficient for everyone.


Our approach is based on networks that are not owned by anyone with a financial interest in personal information; users’ privacy is restored. They may fully own and benefit from their data’s worth.


Ray coin networks go through a constant security upgrading procedure, making them one of the safest IT systems in use today. Strong authentication and transaction verifications are ensured as a result of this.

Risk reduction

Financial accessibility, we think, is a right, not a privilege. We want to provide an economic framework for trade that allows parties to transact with a considerable reduction in transaction risk.


The main purpose of RayCoin is building a better tomorrow through easier finance.

Borderless opportunity.

Strong community.

Token Details

Token Name




Total Supply


Token Burnt


Token Type


Token Distribution


      Holder Redistribution

      You Deserve it.


Transaction Fee

So Do We.


First Contact.
Public Introduction.

1- Get verified on ftmscan
2- Start adding tokens to DEX LPs
3-ICO pre sale.
4- Small exchange listing
5-Move first portion of tokens for “Hunt”.

Second Contact.
The Secret Project.

1- The big announcement!
2- Traditional exchange listings
3- Happy Lil world reveal “Totality”
4- The 3 day burn party
5- Announcement of the annual The Burning
6- Hunt for power “ RayCoin treasure hunt”
7- Wallet exchanges

Third Contact.
RayCoin Community.

1- Petition to be placed on larger exchanges.
2- Community Outreach Project. “Yes we hear YOU! K.”
3- Make adjustments based on community recommendations.

Fourth contact More community

1- Attention based projects “classes”
2- RayDay Gatherings.

3-Proposal for new native Coin

Alright.. Let's Get You To

You’re going to need a wallet first and foremost! offers the most popular and functional option on the market, all available in a browser extension.
Next up, gas. Head over to Binance which should provide you the opportunity to buy Fantom FTM. Send that to your Metamask wallet, and you’re ready to trade.
Are you truly ready? Who knows.. Only you. When in doubt pinky out. You can do this! Find the browser. Insert SpiritSwap or SpookySwap in the search bar. You can pick either one you'll find RAYS with the contract.
K. Next click on “Connect or Unlock Wallet” at the top right corner & connect your Metamask wallet. Follow the prompts and allow the exchange you chose to view your accounts and addresses.
Click on “Select a currency” above where it currently says “Enter an amount” and paste in the token contract address: Address of RAYS 0xC50b3670C3B2C57450 B8A3C3FDd51c6DB24FbFA7. Watch out for the space if you copy and paste here.
Press the settings button that you see at the top right corner of the center panel. Adjust slippage to 9% to account for the tokenomics. (In case the volume is high, you can increase the slippage in order to confirm your transaction!)

What is the contract ID?


How does Boomz work?

Boomz taxes a total of 3% on every transaction which goes is subdivided into three parts:

A 1% ‘Charity Fee’ this will allows to put smiles on the faces of those who are less fortunate. We will designate a separate charity wallet to ensure the money will be spent only on charity. Proof of charitable donations will be provided in our Telegram chat.

A 1% ‘Liquidity pool fee’ to add more liquidity to the pool on pancake swap v2.

A 1% ‘redistribution fee’ for every purchase made existing holders will receive Wen moon tokens.

Is Liquidity Locked?

Yes, liquidity will be locked for two years and Dev wallet will also be locked for 40days.

Our contract address has been verified on BSC scan.

Happy You Can Join Us!! Godspeed.. And Welcome Aboard!!